Showing participants' video doesn`t work after hiding it.

What happened:
After you press ‘Show/hide participants video’ button on the left sidebar video stops as it should, but after clicking this button again nothing happens, meaning me-video doesnt` show.

Why this happens:
In RoomClient.js in the disableAudioOnly function there is
if ( !this._webcamProducer && this._produce && (cookiesManager.getDevices() || {}).webcamEnabled ) { this.enableWebcam() }
The (cookiesManager.getDevices() || {}).webcamEnabled line wouldn’t let webcam become enabled again, because there were no cookiesManager.setDevices({ webcamEnabled: true }) at the startup. The only place where devices cookie is set is in the Me.jsx on the toggleWebcam button.
But if you never clicked it - there wouldn`t be a cookie, so nothing happens

Way to reproduce:

  1. Open demo in the incognito mode
  2. Press Show/hide participants video
  3. Press Show/hide participants video again

P.S. a bug’s a bug, I mean, if there shouldnt be bug reports in demo github - wouldnt it be right to close issues tracker there?
P.S.S I can see how drammatically you are enraged by the huge stream of stupid questions, that you close issues at such pace, but come on, I am trying to be different and of a help here :slight_smile:

Personally I’m aware of this bug or limitation (yes, the app could keep “webcam” state so when turning off “Show/hide participants video” the webcam is enabled again.

However, mediasoup-demo is just a demo app, not a production app. I don’t expect that people use it “as it is”. It’s just a demo app to show basic mediasoup capabilities. Other “features” (such as chat, full screen, better A/V controls, etc) are out of the scope of mediasoup itself.

And indeed, yes, you are right: I will hide the “Issues” section in mediasoup-demo Github project :slight_smile: