Simulcast encoding impact on server's performance

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There are a lot many options for simulcast encodings. To name a few, scaledownresolution by some value, bit rate etc. Do these values have an impact on server’s performance as well as consuming client’s bandwidth/client machine performance?

The reason for asking this is because we are trying to develop multiuser call application with say 40 users in each room. If i would want to keep all the 40 users producers as well as consumers in resumed state, its a lot of consumers 40×40×2 producers and consumers together. But if i use very low bitrates while sending the producers or scaling the resolution down by a big number to accommodate small tiles of all 40 users in a desktop browser. Will this have an effect on server side performance and the overall bandwidth?

Producers using simulcast will send N RTP streams to mediasoup instead of a single one. It means extra processing for the extra RTP.

Bandwidth wise, from producer endpoints point of view they must use as much upload BW as the multiple streams require, whereas from consumer endpoints point of view, they will ONLY receive one of the producer’s streams.

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So having low bit rates and low resolutions have no impact on server side performance?

It has since it means less packets to process in mediasoup and less network traffic into the whole server.

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