simulcast - send full quality with scaleResolutionDownBy

We are producing stream with this encodings:

            { maxBitrate: 100000, scaleResolutionDownBy:4 },
            { maxBitrate: 300000, scaleResolutionDownBy:2 },
            { maxBitrate: 900000 }

It sends only half width and height. Without both scaleResolutionDownBy it sends full size. How can I use scaleResolutionDownBy and send full quality?

Definitely we cannot help here because that is pure WebRTC API and browser vendor dependant implementation/behavior. If it does not work as expected, report to the browser vendor. mediasoup-client just honours the given options.

You can observe the effective RtpSender's RTP parameters by using:


To clarify: we don’t want this to be a generic WebRTC forum not to be a forum about Chrome issues/limitations when it comes to something purely related to the WebRTC spec.