Some questions regarding RTCP Protocols..

Hello, we are trying to implement our own SFU, and we were trying to follow how mediasoup handles various RTCP packets.

Most types of packets we could identify, but the following three confuses us and we haven’t been able to see them in the RFC standards:

  1. AFB
  2. TCC
  3. REMB

Could you tell us what these RTCP packets are for? And we would also be grateful if you direct us to the standard sheet that explains these. We just haven’t been able to find them yet…

Of course, since we are practically not your customers, but rather competitors in some regards (although I doubt we could hardly even compete), you can feel free to ignore this post :slight_smile:

This is not a generic WebRTC forum and we are not here to help others build their own SFU. Sorry.

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Umm… ok. Is there a place where I can ask questions regarding mediasoup implementations and architecture (rather than its usage), or is there no place for such discussions? Asking because I had other questions in mind…

We won’t spend our time helping others to build their own SFU. Just that.

Alright. No problem with that.