"forceTCP" what's that for?


So I have been playing with mediasoup-demo for a couple of days, I’ve been reading the documentation and the code for the frontend and the backend. I’ve been curious about the ‘forceTCP’ flag for a while.

The documentation that I have read only states that this enables transmission of media over TCP instead of UDP. I wanted someone to guide me towards a source that can explain to me how this works. The reason I want to know this is because I want to see what impacts can it have in a live environment. Should I always use it? Is it only useful in certain cases? Most importantly how does the media even travel on TCP, won’t the re-transmissions keep lagging the stream indefinately, how does it overcome that?

I know these are allot of questions but I’m looking for good guidance on it.


Google “ICE over TCP”.
No generic WebRTC questions here BTW.

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Thank you loads man! I was just wondering, it would be great if we have a channel where we can ask open ended and where just like this reply people get some good guidance.

Much Appreciated :slight_smile:

Well, this is that channel (I hope). Anyone can read this.

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I was talking in the context of: “No generic WebRTC questions here BTW.”

What I perhaps meant was since my question was webrtc specific and also kind of generic - noob - a channel where such open questions are appropriate would be really cool.


I’m pretty sure there are generic WebRTC “categories” in other forums (StackOverflow, etc). This forum is not for that.

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Agreed. :+1: