UDP video streams freezing and TCP bandwidth limited

Hello, I’m trying to stream video 1080 @ 60fps VP9 using tcp only and am having difficulties with the bandwidth limiting to 1mbps. When setting this to UDP only. Works fine but does has some freezing here and there.

Both client and server are high performance systems with a fiber connection between.

Server doesnt have a maxIncommingBitrate limit. Client maxBitrate is also set to 10 mbps. Any idea why this is limited to 1mbps?

clientVP9 = {
                        track: track,
                        encodings: [
                            { maxBitrate: 10 * 1000 * 1000, maxFramerate: 60 }
                        codec: codec

Any ideas of what this may be?

Here’s the issue, you assuming clients should control this factor is a problem. Though client can in some cases have broader access to these features it’s the server that is the deciding factor. Clients are to estimate regardless of resolution/fps. So you can transmit 4K@60FPS, clarity comes at higher bitrate however. So check your mediasoup settings/read the documentation.

As for freezing, if it’s affecting a single user it’s usually their setup and you cranking past 300KB/s limits most can steadily handle. If it’s affecting many users you’ve got limits set to high or your host is trash. Freezing isn’t good especially if it sounds robotic/etc.