VP9 Video streaming quality

Hi, I am playing around with video streaming my setup goes as follows:

Client 1 → Producer (Capturing getUserMedia() at 1080p 60fps)
Mediasoup Server → SFU
Client 2 → Consuming

All being on the same local network

I’m only seeing a max bandwidth usage from client → server → client of around 2mbps with an average of about 1mbps

The consumer side video is horrible probably not even 480p (look at attached screenshot)

What can be done to increase the quality of the consumer client?


What frame width/height does client browser report? You can check this in chrome://webrtc-internals (or about:webrtc in Firefox).

I’m not exactly sure, I am using Electron v13.2.3

What’s the problem? Electron is Chromium-based, isn’t it? Does this work, for example: Electron Fiddle Gist · GitHub ? It is an useful development tool anyway.

For screenshare you want anywhere from 500KB/s->1.5MB/s+ or quality/framerate may greatly suffer. Now you could try if you hadn’t adjusted the client for screenshare.

            let ScreenShare = await navigator.mediaDevices.getDisplayMedia({
                video: {
                    width: 1280,
                    height: 720,
                    frameRate: 30,
                audio: true

Good luck.

I’m capturing on the producer getDisplayMedia at 2560x1440 at 60 fps.
nothing in my rtpParams are limiting bandwidth.

Why is the stream still so low quality only about 2-3 mbps. How can I increase this limit to something like 9 mbps?