Understanding Mediasoup 3 (Part III)

In my understanding, “Pipe Router” is used to handle consumer limits on each route. In this scenario, I am trying to limit each route to only have 10 consumers.

  1. I create 2 workers.
  2. I create route 1 on worker 1.
  3. I create route 2 on worker 2.
  4. I create producer 1 (audio) & producer 2 (video) on worker 1.
  5. I create consumer 1 (audio) & consumer 2 (video) on route 2.

If route 2 reaches the consumer limit, I will create a new route to manage the creation of consumers.

my imagine if router reaches the consumer limit

But I get an error, is my understanding incorrect?

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The origin router and target router cannot be in the same worker.

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