video/VP9 & audio/opus codec not supported for simulcast

When I try to produce video and audio from client and then creating corresponding producers server side I get these two errors “video/VP9 codec not supported for simulcast” and “audio/opus codec not supported for simulcast”.

You passed more than one encoding to transport.produce() along with VP9 and audio tracks.

Sorry, I am new to mediasoup & webrtc, what encodings should I pass to transport.produce() ?

I am using one transport for both video and audio. Could this be the issue ?

Read the documentation, please. Those are too basic questions and we write docs for something.

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I’ve actually came to the forum after I’ve exhausted my other options. When I searched error messages/encodings/codecs and consulted the documentation I found no answers. What I then did was mimic your demo app configs.

Check the RTP Parameters section in the docs and verify what you are sending to transport.produce() in server side.

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