Webinar with 500 users posible in single server?

I’ve installed and setup mediasoup v3 and signaling app on my server with 24gig ram and 10 core cpu.In my application I’ve setup 1 broadcaster with mic,screen sharing and webcam and other users are allow to speak only for 30 seconds to speak and pause user producer.with 100 users and 1 broadcaster (webinar) it seems fine on the server(low cpu usage). but as user grows app starts to lagging and delay in videos.I’m planning to conduct a webinar with 500 users and one broadcaster as mentioned.Is it possible with my current server config? and how to reduce lagging.

I’m assuming you’ve setup mediasoup demo. The demo was made to be a video conferencing app demo, not a broadcast app. This means that each participant receives many video and audio stream which requires bandwidth and CPU in client and server side. I’m afraid you need more than the demo setup to make it happen.

Its not from the demo app,Created specially for webinar only with own signaling server,broacaster sending 2-4 Mbps video/audio streams to server though my concern is not about the network bandwidth(easily increase bandwidth).Problem is lagging with increasing no.s of user.

Are you sure it is not about bandwidth? After all, 2 Mbps x 500 users is a pretty good traffic of 1 Gbps.

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If you can’t see CPU hitting the ceiling server-side, note that if all users are hitting the same Worker it might not use all CPUs, the problem might be client side jitter, … due to bandwidth. My suggestion would be to upload client metrics and make sure server side has no CPU or bandwidth bottleneck.

Publishers Viewers Weight Required Consumer Required
1 0 0 0
1 5 1 1
1 12 2 1
1 15 3 1
1 15 3 1
1 19 4 1
1 20 4 1
1 37 7 1
1 38 7 1
1 72 12 1
1 200 34 3
1 500 84 7
1 1000 167 14
1 500 84 7

Enjoy that one! :slight_smile: Yes 8-cores will do 1x500
1 publisher servers
7 consumer servers

(servers in this case be one machine, with 8 workers I assume both audio/video will be used for producers)

The bandwidth requirements for this, would be
50KB/s(total 50MB/s) → 140KB/s (total 140MB/s)
This should saturate an entire GB network, but if a 450mbps nic, 50KB/s each be fine.


Thanks Guys, I’ll figure out something sure! :slight_smile: