What factors other than number of consumers contribute to the cpu usage in the mediasoup worker subprocess?

Hi All

I’m building an application which makes extensive use of pipe consumers and pipe producers. It all worked great until i tested a many to 1 streaming situation, and I am getting higher cpu usage than I would expect considering the fact that there are very few “non-pipe” consumers

I had previously assumed that the major determinant of cpu usage was consumers based on here: mediasoup :: Scalability

Basically, I would like to know how much the following affect cpu usage:

  • Producers
  • Pipe Producers
  • Pipe Consumers

E.g. does creating pipe consumers on a server increase cpu usage, or is it almost free since the data is transmitted verbatim as indicated here: mediasoup :: API ?

If i had a server with only producers and no consumers, should the cpu usage of the mediasoup subprocess be practically 0?

Thank you for taking the time

It all uses CPU, whether you produce/consume or utilize pipe transports. You’ll substantially use more CPU re-producing streams to Pipes/etc.

Thank you.so much