What happens to viewer if a broadcast is sent at high bitrate and viewer is forced to view it at half that?

I’ve not been sandboxing much, I can’t trial/test this at the moment. Just brainstorming.

What happens to viewer experience if the broadcast is sent at 1MB/s and the viewer is forced to view it at 500KB/s; How does the worker handle this? Simple VP8.

I want to avoid SVC/Simulcast, so keeping it simple enough users can experience HD or low-quality where broadcaster always has choice on their rates. Consumer can see it at their rates. But without testing I can’t say what would happen if this ruins “simple” streams.

Forced to view because of network conditions or you keep the bitrate restricted to 500KB/s on consumer side?

The latter, restricting the bitrate to a lesser amount for the viewer.

I haven’t tested this but as per my understanding it should cause the jerk in video on the consumer side, the consumer will get the video in low quality and with low fps and you may see their hand movement lagging, kind of that. Have you gone through it now?

Not yet, I’ve only really tested low-network speed conditions a few times to ensure user doesn’t cancel out. As well use simple streams opposed to SVC/Simulcast.

Tore my hamstring a few months ago so haven’t really be at it with testing/development. Slowly recovering and it sucks sitting, laying, and standing for too long.

Prior tests showed consumer can still hear audio and video was at a lesser quality, but I don’t necessarily know what such may do to ram or CPU. I will be expanding my tests soon but its been tough so wanted opinions.

Doesn’t work. Changing the outgoing bitrate had no affect; that or I’m doing something wrong. It maintained the same bitrate as incoming rate.

I’ll figure something out, I may need to check out simulcast and other stuff, some client settings/etc. Not sure yet, been having a rough go with remote pipeTransports not working fully machine-to-machine.