There's a 2x increase in CPU at random intervals

Not sure if this has to deal with re-transmission but I observed this dynamic load when establishing a transport with both audio/video.

I’d see 0.8%->1.4%. I know I’d just be griping over something silly but may I ask.

What exactly would cause this? I don’t see it affecting broadcasts at all I account for the maximum it can reach in %.

Appreciate the answers I barely observe much of the libraries guts its worked flawless and throws no errors for me ever so haven’t needed to log/dive in yet.

(If just video or just audio sent, similar results, wondering if it’s normal behavior/expected).

Is your CPU frequency fixed or dynamic? Try to force CPU into performance governor if you are on Linux.

Desktop is dynamic all my servers are a mixture of the two, testing takes place on any new setup before it goes live but interesting I hadn’t heard of that or thought to adjust that option. I’ll give it a peak and see I’ll be developing more tomorrow.

Was able to confirm all cores run solid 3Ghz no throttling, and strict performance mode.