When mobile screen is rotated, a video element is full-screened.

I assume this isn’t related to media-soup in any way but thought I’d ask if other have observed this with their code/demo and maybe have a solution for it? (As in I don’t want this full-screening behavior unless toggled).

Never seen this before so not even sure what my first search would be other than see if others here got ideas. :stuck_out_tongue:

Enjoy your days.

There’s one very succesful website that has this behaviour, I bet you’ve never visited it … wink wink.

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Definitely we don’t do that on purpose in the demo app.


Sooooooooooooooooo any ideas on making that stop? :smiley: haha

I had to think about this a few times, that was gold… hahaha

This was solved by disabling controls for the video elements and writing my own custom overlay for them. Apparently this bypasses HTMLs/Browser native player and its behavior is up to your code (as expected though when making an overlay).

Figured I’d update this. Incase someone randomly searches this.

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