Windows VSCode Setup Video

Can someone who understands the Please make a Youtube video on how to set this up in Windows. I tried to follow the instructions and they seem to be steps for a sys admin.

Also the steps only deal with Visual Studio. What about VS Code?

Steps are for Visual Studio compiler, not IDE. You can install community version, but you don’t have to install or use IDE for actual development, you can continue to use VS Code.

Ok but maybe still a video will help. I tried the instructions and either they are outdated or Im missing something.


doesnt exist in my current VS folders and I have both VS and VSCode IDEs

When I execute the first command in the tutorial, nothing happens.

Please don’t skip and read all of the instructions top to bottom of the page. If you follow them and satisfy all the requirements (including MSVS version), it will work just fine, myself and other people verified it multiple times.