Android/IOS native client support

Apart from react-native, currently there is no reliable native mediasoup client for android/ios.

These third party clients are available for android/ios but they seem to be abandoned:

Some of the issues of above third party clients are mentioned here:

The choices we are left with are:

React native is not always a way to go to make the native applications, sometime it is not allowed to be used by clients and sometime it is simply not fully satisfactory for existing apps like we need to keep call alive even if app is closed by user and this doesn’t seems to be possible in react native.

And creating our own bindings is a long way to go with and not suitable in the given time by clients.

So there should be reliable android/ios mediasoup clients which mediasoup org. itself should support and maintain.

Apps are the need of the age but due to missing native clients limitation we are stuck, there are many others.

Actually no one was replying in the original topic I mentioned above.

w.r.t to the above post:

Actually what I am saying is there should be a reliable client for android/ios as well, you can make it paid if you want. Right now there is not, so if someone is using mediasoup as it’s server side implementation and for web as well then later on finds out that there is not reliable client for android/ios then you can guess in how much trouble he is.

Plus there is nothing mentioned in docs about creating the clients using c++ libmediasoupclient apart from some of the discourse topics.

Any help is appreciated, thanks

what do you mean “abandoned” ? It is MIT license

By ‘abandoned’, I mean that apparently they are not being actively maintained by the authors, if someone is stuck somewhere then he is on his own.

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You’ll certainly be on your own but some pennies for thought.

Updating and managing apps for iOS/Android is truly extra work, discord doesn’t even follow this approach; maybe you can guess what they do from browser->app? :slight_smile:

I agree with you, it is definitely an extra free work but at the same time it is definitely a pain for app developers we have such a good nodejs medisoup server but when app developers try to look for reliable clients they have a few to none options. App developers sometime suggest to even change the server side implementation, you can guess the pain of them :smiley:

This is not suitable for beginner development. So I don’t see the problem.

What do you mean?

WebRTC (and its surrounding protocols) is not intended to be beginner/user friendly, there’s lots to learn. Not to mention there’s not a lot of individuals who fully understand it. This is probably one of the last area’s you can expect many examples/guides/tutorials.

This is not to be taken as an insult on your abilities but if you’re unable to read documentations and usage examples there’s no helping truthfully. We all work very hard on our apps, the legends of MediaSoup and contributors make this all happen for us.

So to re-iterate, you’re on your own. You can pay a developer to do this for you no problems.

Just be happy that MediaSoup exists and comes with documentation clearer than any SFU out there, without it many would be stuck truly…

Totally agree with you on this, the people who have created it have done an amazing job and we are using it for free. Webrtc is complicated, I am not actually app developer I am backend developer just asking on behalf of app devs. If I was app developer I should have created mediasoup native client myself.

I am actually thinking of learning kotlin/swift a bit to create that my self in near future in my free time.