What is my procedure for writing a simple Mediasoup Android and iOS client apps?

Is there some walkthrough? We basically have a well-working web app and want to implement it’s native iOS and Android version… Thanks!


There is a project for each architecture where you could start from.

Made a build of the app using the first one, it unfortunately is very laggy playing a stream that a desktop Chrome plays nicely. It’s not CPU load, something else… is there any logical way of debugging? Server side logs seem to be clear of any indication of an issue…

Unfortunately mobile native is not our expertise.

Did you tell to the author of the project?

I kind of tried, he never replied.

You may wish to implement your own Java/Swift wrappers for libmediasoupclient instead. Definitely we cannot give support about those other projects.

OK, this doesn’t sound like a business approach: i could never promise anyone to get that done in a fixed price or budget, or i will drive my company into trouble. There have to be other solutions.

What if i use ReactNative? Is it possible to establish webrtc connection to Mediasoup from ReactNative? Any tutorial?

Yes. mediasoup-client works with react-native-webrtc. No need for tutorials.

Does not work out of the box. Is there any sample code to just receive a single stream from react-native? Thanks.

You must read react-native-webrtc documentation for that. No idea if there is a sample code BTW.

How did you test it? Give some details about your setup, otherwise it’s hard to tell what is wrong. Does the Chrome that you mention run on the same machine as the mediasoup server? Is the test phone an emulator, a real device, can it run youtube streams, etc.?

But I can tell you for sure that for me a minorly changed version of the haiyangwu’s port works smooth and nice in the local network, over wifi, on a average 3 year old Samsung phone.

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Result: gave up on native solution, used React Native, needed 1 hack then works just fine.

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@anovikov1984 Could you please post what was the hack needed?


@anovikov1984 Can you please share that hack?
Thank you

Hi, could you please confirm which library you used for this. My requirements are audio, video conferencing, chat, screen sharing. I need to use SFU architecture not peer to peer connection. I have checked mediasoup reference for react native
but it is redirecting to WebRTC. Please share some knowledge or links to achieve the same. Thanks in advance.