Best way to use mediasoup in hybrid apps made with cordova / capacitor

Hey, I was wondering what currently the best and recommended way to use the mediasoup client in an app running in an ios webview such as cordova / capacitor is (if even possible).

I found the cordova-plugin-iosrtc but Im not sure if that is fully working or recommended.

Are there any plans to maybe make a native mediasoup-client plugin?

edit: Im ofc talking about iOS mainly here, it should work just fine with android since webviews should support webrtc.

cordova-plugin-iosrtc is not maintained.

mediasoup-client works (with some hacks in React-Native with react-native-webrtc):

Regarding native client, have you checked libmediasoupclient?

No, it does not have bindings for iOS/Android, but you can write them.

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It seems that the only Api needed and not yet implemented in iOS is getUserMedia which has several options to be replaced with, the rest of the WebRtc spec seems to work just fine even in iOS.

So this isnt really an issue anymore thankfully.

Thank you for your response though! Im not using react-native at all, its either WebView or native since Im using Angular for the web version.