Error: a=ssrc line with msid information not found

I’m getting the error with Chrome < 70 in the following scenario:
start mic > start webcam (video only) > stop mic > start mic > error

As far as I don’t start webcam, starting/stopping the mic is working fine.

The same happens for webcam:
start webcam > start mic > stop webcam > start webcam > error


Does it also happen in

Does it also happen in

No and it does not happen even in demo v3. Probably because the demo is using pause/resume for mic while I’m using produce/close.

It has been fixed in mediasoup-client 3.0.6. Here the commit.

Can you please test it? I’ve tested it in the v3 demo app, but just in case.

NOTE: The issue also happens in Safari 11 and 12 (stable and Tech Preview) if Unified-Plan is not enabled in menu “Develop” - “Experimental Features” - “WebRTC Unified-Plan”. But that’s a clear bug in Safari that eventually we’ll report.

Yes it works fine now.:ok_hand:

I’m just getting a warning, not sure if is related:

Chrome55: mediasoup-client:WARN:Transport producer.close() failed:Error: track not found
Chrome69: mediasoup-client:WARN:Transport producer.close() failed:Error: associated RTCRtpSender not found

Scenario: start mic > start webcam > stop mic > start mic > stop mic > stop webcam > warning

Yes, I’ve seen the “associated RTCRtpSender not found” error. I’ve confirmed that Chrome < 70 does not behave correctly when it comes to use the sender/receiver API of WebRTC (let’s say: the “pre-transceiver” API). Honestly I cannot spend much more time on it and prefer to go fo transceiver and modern versions of the browsers.

Well, I’ve found the error. It’s fixed in mediasoup-client 3.0.7. Can you confirm, please?

Yeah fixed :+1:

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