Examples/docs feedback

Now that I have mostly built what I need I thought it may be useful to share a bit of feedback on docs, especially since many people start building WebRTC-based apps out of nowhere and ask random questions.

Docs are pretty good in terms of covering API, but lack examples.

I have tried to approach demo app first, but it has so many moving parts and features, it is really not suitable for learning, only for showcasing of what can be done.

Example snippet provided with mediasoup-client readme was extremely useful though.
While it is not a working app you can run, it gives a very clear guideline of what needs to be done in order for things to happen.
And despite backend is not provided, it is rather straightforward from reading docs what should be added there.

I think having similar examples for consuming and maybe for other use cases in the docs over time would be the best way to onboard new people.

Other feedback is that working with data channels is hard, lack of termination (I know, SFU) and single-directionality made it useless in current use case. And I’m so thankful for TypeScript instead of JavaScript API, but there is still a potential for improving it, like having separate types for options for different transports, otherwise optional fields sometimes are in fact required :slight_smile:

And thanks for mediasoup authors, you’re building a really cool library :heart: :tada:

I agree there is room for improvement here. PRs welcome (the website project is also in GitHub) :slight_smile:

Termination is possible (but hard, yes). Issue opened in GitHub already.

I don’t agree here. I use them for sending data in both directions (even request+response protocol on top of DataProducer and DataConsumer).

Agreed there is also room for improvement here.