Expo Go PWA - Creating React Native Applications - react-native-webrtc on Expo Managed Workflow

We have a fully functioning web application made in Expo Go. It’s based on Managed Workflow. It’s functioning on Mobile Browsers as well.

Now, we’re hoping to create React Native applications based through their App Store / Playstore.

Reading this here: https://mediasoup.org/documentation/v3/mediasoup-client/react-native/

this is what it states:

in order to use mediasoup-client in React Native (for building Android and iOS apps):

Include react-native-webrtc dependency into your React Native project.
Call the exposed registerGlobals() before creating a mediasoup-client Device instance.
By calling registerGlobals(), classes such as RTCPeerConnection and MediaStream (among others) will be exposed in the global scope.
Those classes are required for the ReactNative handler of mediasoup-client to work.

on the other hand; the react-native-webrtc dependency here: GitHub - react-native-webrtc/react-native-webrtc: The WebRTC module for React Native

it states:

NOTE for Expo users: this plugin doesn't work unless you eject.

My question is, is this the most up-to-date info, are we not able to make it run with Expo Managed Workflow?

EDIT: also I hope I posted this on the proper category; apologies if this wasn’t appropriate here