firefox, protoo connection failed/but working under chrome?

Anybody know why the protoo connection is failing under firefox, but working in chrome?

(on my local ubuntu VM, I’m yet to check the hosted version)

I assume this is due to the self-signed certs I’m using, but unsure… Cheers.

hmm, the online demo works, so I’m assuming it is related to my certs…

Did you found a solution of your problem ?

Yes, it’s due to self-signed certificates if you assign them to an IP. With Chrome you may bypass this risk when loading the https side of things and it’ll treat that IP as safe. With FireFox, it tends to want you to manually verify both the HTTPS and WSS side of things (overkill in security).

I forget the exact steps if such is the case but with Firefox you need to add the websocket to safelist.