firefox websocket error

I use this demo local, chrome works well, firefox with this error log.
v3 branch latest code
firefox Version 70.0.1 (64-bit)

protoo-client:WebSocketTransport constructor() [url:wss://localhost:4443/?roomId=ziugvbj2&peerId=jnyo5kv1, options:undefined] +0ms common.js:121

protoo-client:WebSocketTransport _runWebSocket() [currentAttempt:1] +2ms common.js:121

protoo-client:Peer constructor() +0ms common.js:121

Firefox can’t establish a connection to the server at wss://localhost:4443/?roomId=ziugvbj2&peerId=jnyo5kv1. browser.js:25

protoo-client:ERROR:WebSocketTransport WebSocket “error” event +0ms common.js:121

protoo-client:WARN:WebSocketTransport WebSocket “close” event [wasClean:false, code:1015, reason:""] +0ms common.js:121

protoo-client:Peer emit “failed” [currentAttempt:1] +78ms

Sorry, not related to mediasoup nor even related to the mediasoup-demo. Please search in Google about invalid certificates and secure WebSocket.

anyway, big thanks for reply