How to bind mediasoup with rtsp server?

With plain transport? But tulpes ports dont correlate with rtsp server ports for clients

mediasoup does not implement RTSP. The control layer of RTSP may be implemented in Node.js and I assume that, other than that, RTSP uses a common RTP over UDP which can be done with PlainTransport.

However my answer is like 4 times bigger than your question and you provide zero real details. I won’t learn RTSP to answer this question so, if you wish, be much more specific.

This is really possible, just implement a simple RTSP (with an extra TCP listen port) server to accommodate the needs for a custom sdk client (which use live555 library for RTP streaming but with RTSP, no WebRTC, since libwebrtc is really complex)

btw, i’m now investigating on this!