How to integrate media soup in nodejs ?

Hello folks, doing great ? I am developing a react native applications that include some features like ==> one to one, one to many/audio and video calling, sending chats to another client, sending pics and music data etc.

I have several question on my mind, regarding integration of media soup.

  1. What to install for what features ?
  2. Did media soup contain NAT, TURN, STUN, MCU, SFU, or i have to install and manage my own for scability ?

Any advice over application or git repo you want to send ?

Everything is explained in the documentation. And you have read it before making so many questions, right?

Still i have doubt, that i have to create signalling server ?

Well i am reading docs, but docs is really confusing… Is there any proper implementation of media soup…

Read the docs.

You have to write your own signaling (using https://socket…io). It is a library, you got to write code.