Ideas for capturing still images of broadcasts effectively perhaps without GStreamer/FFMPEG?

Really loving how breezy-peezy this API makes development and got a small question I would believe.

I’m trying to figure out/sort and learn to an extent what would be a better option.
As I’m not overly familiar with GStreamer or FFMPEG usage not sure if this is what I want as well?

So I’m wanting to basically sort a method that will capture a still image of any produced media on the server and store it to directory.

I’ve thought of possibly running a CLI on my admin area to do this for me using the recorder API in RTC but sounds lazy haha.

Tips? :smiley:

You could use the Canvas API to capture an image and then send it to the server.

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That may be my lazy approach but nothing argues against it just yet.

I am just a bit more hopeful that I can run this server-side off my producer server and it be light-weight.
I’m assuming there may be a simple answer to this but not one I’ve explored yet. But if not one arguably thinks the canvas method is bad I could puppeteer the process on a separate server but it would require forcing servers to consume for the users which I don’t presume bad but it’s active connections maybe not needed to be created again.

I appreciate any insights not going to jump right into this just yet.

Hmmm, I might be dumb. We might or actually do have canvas support in NodeJS. I’ll poke at this tonight if such is the case it’s solved no issues haha

Thank you ethand91 for re-reminding me to look somehow was thinking it’s just browser supported. Might be both.

So I’ve decided to create a private HTTPS server nested inside the private network this I call my capturer server and loaded on it is a puppeteer instance searching a single page for new videos as it’s instructed to capture them.
So far works well, got this for a result! Just need to engineer the loop and signal server sharing streams one by one at interval. Hopefully not too messy of a go around.