router.createWebRtcTransport MediaSoupError

Hello everyone,
I know this is somehow a general question, but in specific cases not always when my client tries to connect to the sfu through my signaling server and create webrtc transport this error get thrown in the debug log:

I just want some help with understanding the error because i can’t seem to know or understand what is the request handler why can’t it be found.

i’d appreciate any help possible i have searched all github issues and here too and found no similiar issue to mine.

in case it might matters i’m using mediasoup: 3.10.4

thanks in advance

Okay, to simplify, you are handling parallel requests at the signaling level, if you do not queue this at the media servers or your signal level, you will in fact run into synchronization issues.

The idea is you could be handling a thousand requests a second and though sent in order the processing is not in order, so all those requests will finish at different times causing issues with perhaps broadcasts not existing yet and you erroring out.

I have tried to queue everything i get from the clients from within the router that each router object has his own queue of processing, i will observe it for a while and hopefully this will work out. Thanks alot for the fast reply and the help.

I’m reopening the issue becuase apparently queue didn’t help with the issue. so the issue still occurs even after queueing my requests from the clients. back to the beginning where i have no clue why i get this error or why it happens :frowning: .

the handle wasn’t found so queue is to keep sync, you’re failing to keep sync. So in other words improve your code you be fine, no simple answer but you’re not keeping synchronized.

Best I can suggest is log more.