Video Lagging/Stuttering?

I have cloned the github repo and did all the things that is mentioned in the git. It is the exact same code like in the demo. But my webcam video is stuttery in my local machine whereas it works smooth in Why is this happening so?
My system configuration:
Intel Core i5 8300H @ 2.30GHz x 8
Ubuntu 20.04

Please explain what am I doing wrong or is there anything else that I need to do.

Hi Anish,

There are a few server side options that you can tune. After tuning things here and there you will hopefully get the results you want. For me the one that makes the most difference is maxIncomingBitrate.

webRtcTransportOptions :
			listenIps :
					ip          : process.env.MEDIASOUP_LISTEN_IP || '',
					announcedIp : process.env.MEDIASOUP_ANNOUNCED_IP
			initialAvailableOutgoingBitrate : 1000000,
			minimumAvailableOutgoingBitrate : 600000,
			maxSctpMessageSize              : 262144,
			// Additional options that are not part of WebRtcTransportOptions.
			// maxIncomingBitrate              : 7000000 <---- comment this out, or set it to a higher value.

This solved the low res issue for me. Hope this was helpful.