vulnerable webrtc libs , need to upgrate to M102 or later

Hi ,
libmediasoupclient makes use of Google’s libwebrtc C++ library (M94)
But with M94 we are getting below kind of issues . can we use M102 or later ?
issue : One or more of your apps contain a version of [WebRTC]that contains serious security vulnerabilities. These vulnerabilities can make your app susceptible to remote code execution, and can potentially give an attacker access to your app’s private data.

Fixing this issue is highly recommended, but not mandatory.

Additional details

These vulnerable versions of WebRTC use usrsctp, a third-party library that is the source of the vulnerabilities, and is no longer used by WebRTC.

There is an ongoing PR upgrading it to M120. Some help is needed in case you want to contribute and help: M120 by jmillan · Pull Request #173 · versatica/libmediasoupclient · GitHub