What's the best environment, setup and instructions to work on MediaSoup Internals to help/contribute?

I’m a bit old school and truthfully things are just getting more complexed, I would love if someone could break down the process to update mediasoup and test it; this may pertain to software, needed installations, OS, all sorts.

I’m very use to windows, but use ubuntu for server stuff/etc. If there’s any tips/guides I’d happily follow; I don’t know what rust is and few of these things in the project. :smiley:

All the love, if you can imagine I performed a fresh install how do I prepare for action?

Treat me as a beginner here as it may help other users who know code but are lost in the sauce of it all. :frowning:

The Building.md describes all the available NPM and make commands. I couldn’t explain it better than what is documented in there.

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Okay! I’ll take a peak; wasn’t sure that existed!

Does build time take long at all to test fixes/updates? I worry I could be sitting for many minutes each time I run making development a bit tedious.